Extend Your Reach With Syndication

Syndication in the online media business isn’t entirely new. In fact, it’s been around for decades. Offline, papers and magazines with a huge circulation and huge readership often published syndicated content, often provided by freelance writers and smaller publications. Both benefited. The small local newspaper got a larger audience without spending too much in producing it and the large magazine got more content for the same amount of resources without needing to outsource the production.

Now that the web has entered the 21st century, syndication has moved on to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Social media gives the small business owner a chance to promote his or her products without the costs associated with television, radio, and print advertising. All it takes is a simple post from the person’s Twitter account, a video uploaded to YouTube, or a blog entry written by an expert content writer to syndicate their content to the masses. The process of syndicating content is as simple as embedding code on a website, or purchasing software that automatically creates ads at the end of each syndicated piece.

It’s important to note that even though social media allows you to easily syndicate your own content, you are still reaching the same targeted audience that you would without syndication. Using it as a marketing tool means you are extending your reach to people you wouldn’t normally reach, without spending a dime. In order to really maximize your content marketing benefits, you have to become an expert at content syndication and find a trusted syndicate partner. With the right partner, you can greatly extend your reach and syndicate your content to thousands of targeted viewers every day, generating more revenue than ever.