Social Media Marketing Challenges for New Firms

Social media marketing has become the core of both online and offline advertising strategy for numerous companies and organizations. Although the traditional terms such as digital and internet marketing are dominant in academic circles, social media marketing has become increasingly popular among researchers and practitioners. This type of marketing entails using existing social media services such as social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, video sharing sites such as YouTube and Flickr, and photo sharing sites such as Picasa. In this way, businesses can now reach a greater cross section of the population and utilize their user base. Moreover, as this type of marketing strategy is getting more popular, the organizations and firms must also learn new skills in order to be competitive.

One major challenge that most organizations and firms face in their social media marketing strategy is engaging an appropriate target audience. If the audience you choose to target is not your target audience, there is a great chance for you to fail in your marketing campaign as no matter how many videos or pictures you upload, it will never get much attention unless you have a niche target audience. The attention that you get will only be retained if you had a good message to convey to your target audience.

Another challenge that most firms face in their social media marketing campaigns is keeping track of the feedback that they receive from their social networking campaign. The feedback will help you know which areas you need to improve in your social media campaign. Also, it will help you to know which aspects of your social media marketing strategy are working well and which need to be improved. It is essential for any firm to remember that no matter how good their social media system is, if no one is visiting their website, it is of little or no use. You have to create an online presence on the social networking platform in order to obtain a significant number of customers, and these customers have to be aware of your firm’s existence.