Improve the Google Ranking With the Help of the New Webmaster Tools

Google has released two new products that can be helpful for the webmasters to improve the Google Ranking of their websites. The first product is called the Webmaster Tools for SEO. This amazing tool will give webmasters all the information and tools they need to use to optimize the Google pages for the search engines. Besides that, you can also see which are the keywords are used by the clients in their searches and you can choose the keywords that you think will give you more success. The other amazing element of this product is the Mobile Index, which will index the mobile devices like the smart phones and tablets.

In order to obtain the top position in the search rankings of the Google, the webmaster should choose the main keyword carefully and insert it into the title of the page as well as in the tags and keywords. The second important step, which is equally important for the online marketers is to submit the site to the Google authority site. It means that your website has been accepted by Google and has been indexed. But there are many ways to obtain the top position in the search rankings of the Google and the most popular way is by getting more links from other websites.

These links should be from authority sites because the Google crawlers always trust the links which have been registered with the Google authorities. In addition to that, the Google search rankings are affected by many other factors such as the number of times the keywords are searched and the quality of the contents. The Google ranking is influenced by the quality of the keywords used and the webmaster has to work on improving the contents of the site by making sure the keywords are present in the content, in the titles and in the keywords lists. If there are no keywords present, it will be useless for the ranking of the site.